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264 - "The past is never dead. It's not even past." William Faulkner, Requiem for a Nun.

You know how some people say that just before you die, your life flashes before your eyes? It actually can, sometimes. There was one time, though, when my life didn't exactly flash as much as it unspooled in slow and agonizing detail, during the longest Viper flight of my life.

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27.A.2 - Lyrics:
Wrap me in a bolt of lightning
Send me on my way still smiling
Maybe that’s the way I should go
Straight into the mouth of the unknown
- "Call Me", Shinedown

Officially, given his position, Lee had every right to request an inspection of the flight school. And given his background, it was even less unusual a request. That was only half right, of course, as he was also there to check up on their head instructor, Kara Thrace. There was a time when he wouldn't have hesitated for a moment putting her in charge of a group of would-be pilots, when he wouldn't have doubted her right to sit in a cockpit.

But that was before he had to watch her die.

It seemed like Kara Thrace dying in her Viper in a ball of fire had always been a given for everyone who knew her. Being a jock was such an intrinsic part of who she was, at least on the outside, that no one had ever given any thought to the way she would finally punch her ticket. One day, some Raider-- or probably Raiders would get the drop on her and it would all be over in a few seconds.

Lee had thought that was Kara's attitude, as well. Flying felt like her element. Out of the cockpit, he'd always wondered if she was never able to find the same level of comfort and control.

Then again, Lee supposed it made a certain amount of sense. If the Kara he knew and loved was able to pick her own death, then it would be one that was utterly and completely a product of her own hands. So when she had pointed the nose of her Viper down into that storm funnel, it was with as much purpose and intent as when she was chasing Cylons in the middle of a fight.

She had known what she was doing. The voice in Lee's ears was at peace... almost content.

So if he had trouble imagining his friend climbing back into a cockpit, Lee hoped he could be forgiven for it, because although everyone else had felt her death, he'd been the only one who'd had to watch.

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248 - Would you make a good spy? Why or why not?

I doubt it. That's not the kind of battle I prefer to fight.

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228 - Three A.M.

There's not a lot of places to go on a battlestar when you can't sleep, especially when it's just before some big, important mission. I found myself on the flight deck, staring at the fighter craft I would be strapping into just a few hours from then, going on what on paper looked like a suicide mission. It involved a dozen kinds of risks, and relied on good luck way more than any War College professor would have allowed.

But then, it was Kara's plan.

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(Past Prompt) 31 - What makes you jealous and how do you deal with it?

I don't remember what we decided to do with it, or even, really where we put it. Tradition requires, I'm sure, that I'm the one who gets to choose the person who gets it, or whether it's time to start from scratch and fight for it, or whether to throw the thing out of the airlock. Hell, I don't know if anyone even wants it anymore.

I know I used to, though.

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165 - Night

The thing about being one of Galactica's pilots is that you're constantly on call. And I don't mean when you're on Alert duty or when there's a combat situation-- that part's understood. But duty rotations have an annoying tendency to feel about as completely random as a good shuffle of Pyramid cards or a roll of dice. Even when you're CAG and you actually make the duty rotations, according to the Fleet regs, it still feels like pulling names out of a hat at random.

That's why some nights, you find yourself sleeping in the same rack as your wife, which is pretty much the way you figure it's supposed to be, and sometimes she's the one getting her downtime and you're the one in the cockpit, flying CAP.

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I'm really not much of a dancer. I'm just not light on my feet in those shiny shoes that go with my dress grays, which-- believe me-- has been a topic of conversation once or twice with Dee. Like pretty much every other woman I've ever met, she likes to dance, and so I've embarrassed myself once or twice in return.

But I suppose there's one "dance" I'm pretty good at. But even if my dance floor moves aren't pretty, this one is even uglier.

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