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177 - Who has made you smile recently?

Believe it or not, the answer to that particular question is none other than the infamous former President of the Colonies, Gaius Baltar.

Or, as he's come to be referred to in Galactica circles, Gaius Frakking Baltar.

Now, I don't like Baltar, and that's never been a secret. And honestly, does anyone actually like the guy? Oh, sure, I've heard that there are some clearly misguided and very possibly unhinged individuals in the fleet that are looking at Baltar as some kind of religious figure or something. Hell, one of the Marine guards in the brig told me that some woman actually asked him to bless her child. And then there are whatever impressionable and gullible minds who actually believed the crap he wrote in his "book".

But seriously, anyone?

In any case, it's not a joke. He really did make me smile.

One rug, pulled from under )

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173 - Write a fan letter.

((Contains spoilers through episode 3x20, "Crossroads, Pt. II"))

(A note delivered to the offices of Romo Lampkin, Esq., Attorney at Law.)

Honesty )

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170 - Time

((Locked from the Prosecution. Contains spoilers for episode 3x19, "Crossroads, pt. I"))

For that day when we all have the time.

That's what you wrote, Dad. And it turns out that these days, that's the one thing I've got in spades.

Time enough at last )

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