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2009.26.A.5 - He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. ~Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

OOC: Set during episode 2x17, "The Captain's Hand"

As I walk down Pegasus' corridors, I can feel it more than see it, but there's not escaping the fact: these people don't trust me.

They are too disciplined to wear it on their sleeves, of course. Throughout her command, Admiral Cain had drummed it into everyone aboard this ship that between uniforms, strict and utterly professional military protocol was to be observed at all times. When I speak to them, it's like they're made of stone. The pilots recount the details of every sortie, the technicians catalog every last functioning circuit and even the deck crew stands at parade attention when I come close.

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244 - "That's something I think is growing on me as I get older: happy endings." -- Alice Munro

It isn't the way Lee Adama imagined it would happen

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185 - It's your moment of triumph! Where are you and what are you doing?

We called her "The Beast". We really had no idea how true that could be.

It was obvious on first look, of course. A Mercury-class battlestar was a massive, intimidating-looking machine. Where other ships of the line had hulls more streamlined or sleeker, she was a ship that looked like it was constantly spoiling for a fight. She was all muscle, stem to stern, and mean muscle, at that.

Four large primary defense turrets and two giant cannon, and that was just the armament mounted on her bow. She bristled with more batteries and point-defense emplacements, capable of a sustained screen of fire in 360 degrees in nearly any direction. At her capacity, she could fly 180 Viper Mark VII's, and was crewed by 2500.

She was called the battlestar Pegasus, and though she came to us with a tainted past, she delivered the human race to freedom.

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167 - Write about disappointment or disillusion.

It took me almost twenty full minutes to do it.

I understood my duty, and what it meant now that my circumstances had changed so greatly. But that didn't stop it from being difficult. That didn't stop it from feeling like I was letting go of a part of myself. It was willingly, sure. Even if I wasn't required by protocol and by the orders of my superior officer, I still would have volunteered to do it, both out of pure common sense about the necessity of the thing and by what I would consider the right course of action in regards to the fleet and the Galactica's command structure.

But damn, were those little frakking rank pins hard to give back.

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((Time: after episode 3x04))

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