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208 - Four

An excerpt from the cover article of Fleet Family magazine, approximately fifteen years before the Cylon attack.

"It's All About Balance"

Those are the words of Colonel William Adama, when asked how the newly-promoted and newly-assigned Executive Officer of the battlestar Columbia manages to be both a full-time career officer of the Fleet and a husband and father of two energetic boys. It's a particularly apt bit of advice, as Col. Adama was, at the time of the question being asked, making his way across the small pond outside of his Caprica City home, walking from one small and seemingly precarious stepping stone to the next.

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171 - What is the biggest mistake you've made in a relationship?

I let him do it.

Sometimes, when something terrible happens, people look back at the circumstances that led up that something and think to themselves, well, we never saw it coming. There weren't any clues to the way things turned out, no great big flashing signs that said "BAD IDEA" or "TURN BACK NOW". A person steps of the curb to cross the street and gets hit by a speeding truck, or one day your doctor sits you down and tells you that you've somehow contracted a mysterious illness. We can comfort ourselves with knowing that there had been no way to prepare for it.

But what about when you see the flashing signs, and the clues are everywhere around you, in plain sight? What about when you see the truck coming? You would think that a person would do something about it, right? They'd stop or turn around, they'd stay the hell on the sidewalk and not get crushed. And if it was someone else you saw the danger heading straight toward, you'd shout out to them, wouldn't you? Maybe even jump out and try to save them?

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