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27.A.2 - Lyrics:
Wrap me in a bolt of lightning
Send me on my way still smiling
Maybe that’s the way I should go
Straight into the mouth of the unknown
- "Call Me", Shinedown

Officially, given his position, Lee had every right to request an inspection of the flight school. And given his background, it was even less unusual a request. That was only half right, of course, as he was also there to check up on their head instructor, Kara Thrace. There was a time when he wouldn't have hesitated for a moment putting her in charge of a group of would-be pilots, when he wouldn't have doubted her right to sit in a cockpit.

But that was before he had to watch her die.

It seemed like Kara Thrace dying in her Viper in a ball of fire had always been a given for everyone who knew her. Being a jock was such an intrinsic part of who she was, at least on the outside, that no one had ever given any thought to the way she would finally punch her ticket. One day, some Raider-- or probably Raiders would get the drop on her and it would all be over in a few seconds.

Lee had thought that was Kara's attitude, as well. Flying felt like her element. Out of the cockpit, he'd always wondered if she was never able to find the same level of comfort and control.

Then again, Lee supposed it made a certain amount of sense. If the Kara he knew and loved was able to pick her own death, then it would be one that was utterly and completely a product of her own hands. So when she had pointed the nose of her Viper down into that storm funnel, it was with as much purpose and intent as when she was chasing Cylons in the middle of a fight.

She had known what she was doing. The voice in Lee's ears was at peace... almost content.

So if he had trouble imagining his friend climbing back into a cockpit, Lee hoped he could be forgiven for it, because although everyone else had felt her death, he'd been the only one who'd had to watch.

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OOC: Completed RP with [ profile] number_eight, [ profile] burnandrave, [ profile] cylon_prophet, & [ profile] notmyfate. Takes place in the AU Future!Earth universe. Cross-posted to same.

Kara was dressed in her uniform for the first time in several weeks. It felt strange after so much time in civilian clothes, but she found she was glad to put it on. Kara was a soldier, and while she'd always been a bit unpredictable, there were aspects to military life she enjoyed. The familiarity of something as simple as dress was actually somewhat welcome at the moment, when her entire life felt like it was in such upheaval.

Despite everything that had happened--finding Earth, defeating the Cylons--Kara had to fight back the feeling of impending doom, as if it was all going to be snatched away from her. She was pretty sure it wasn't just her--she wasn't the only one who went outside at night and stared at the night sky, wondering if any of the cold lights above marked the approach of a Cylon basestar--but, as with everything, Kara felt it with an intensity that left her occasionally moody and tense. Having something to do that wasn't working on the house or painting, it was good for her. She'd been nervous about getting her orders, but she shouldn't have been; as she'd thought, the Admiral had told her that she'd be flying a few recon missions, doing some routine patrols in her Viper, but that her primary job would be training new recruits.

Are you grounding me, Sir? she'd asked, standing at attention, not entirely sure if her smile was genuine or forced. It was hard to tell, sometimes, even for her.

I'm giving you a chance to live your life, Adama had said in his gravel-rough voice. you've chosen to live it.

She should have expected that. Her domestic arrangements weren't a secret, after all, and she knew it wasn't going to be easy when she went back to work. Everyone had an opinion, and she was pretty sure she was going to hear about it.

Kara had saluted without saying a word. She pushed back the old longing she had, that desperateness for the Admiral's approval, and had simply taken her orders without comment. (There was a first time for everything, after all.) On her way out of the building that housed the provisional government, she saw a familiar figure ahead of her. Smiling, Kara rushed to catch him, forgetting for a moment everything that lay between them. "Hey, Lee. Or do I have to call you Mr. Vice President, now?" Kara teased, falling into step beside him.

Lee and Kara re-connect, Sam & Leoben are domestically cute with Kara, a surprise dinner is had, and Sharon confesses to Kara that she's having an affair with Lee... )
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238 - Freudian Slip

"Hey, hey, you got lucky, Starbuck. If I were you, I would seriously consider buying a--"


Monologue )

(165, not including direct quotes)
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230 - Black and white

I can't tell you how many times I watched it. Fifty? Way too few. Five hundred? Maybe not that many. Maybe so.

I asked one of my flight instructors once why gun camera footage was always in black and white. He said something about recording and file compression, and things you can see well in contrast. I just always thought it would be better, if you're trying to figure out what happened during a fight or review your flying, to be able to see the scene as it actually happened.

Now I'm damn glad I couldn't.

Repeat viewings )

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212 - What event do you wish you could have been a "fly on the wall" for?

Kara didn't want to talk about it, not that I had too much of a chance to bring it up afterwards, or really, an inclination to. Dee definitely wasn't about to discuss it and there was no way I was going to broach the subject, not after things seemed to be getting so much better between us.

But it happened. Gods, I made it happen when I ordered Dee to rescue Kara off that rock.

The two of them )

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200 - Lyric prompt, "Visions of Johanna", Bob Dylan:

And when bringing her name up
He speaks of a farewell kiss to me
He's sure got a lotta gall to be so useless and all
Muttering small talk at the wall while I'm in the hall


One thing I'm not supposed to do as an officer, and especially as CAG is show any kind of favoritism to any one or group of my pilots. Of course, there's plenty of reasons to look at the rules a little loosely, under the circumstances of our particular situation, but there are lots of reasons to keep some military discipline, too.

But when something happens that shakes the whole damn ship, is it any wonder that I could cut someone some extra slack?

What about when something happens that tears the hell out of my heart, too?

Denial, anger and depression we got. Can't help you with the rest. )

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186 - Religion

Lee Adama's never really had much time for religion.

Not that he would ever say he didn't believe. He did, but in a way that was about as much lip service as you could get without saying "no". It was just that the Lords of Kobol didn't make his home life difficult (that was his mother and father), and the Lords of Kobol didn't fly his Viper and get him through War College.

Like a dutiful son and a dutiful soldier, he attended services when required. He stood beside his father and his mother (on different occasions more often than the same) and attended whatever Temple events were required by the uniform, but it's never been a part of him, not the way it was a part of her.

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