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August 2007 - 50 - Open topic

Topic taken from EM RP Topic #20: The Flashback

"Get out of here," said Major Kinter gruffly.

Lieutenant Lee Adama cleared his throat and straightened up in his chair. The Major always cut an imposing figure, but here in the woman's office, she was even more intimidating. "Beg your pardon, sir?"

"Get out. Off base," Kinter clarified. "You haven't stepped foot off this airbase since... well, since your brother's funeral. You've volunteered for enough extra duty that you're starting to drain the battalion's budget in overtime pay, and frankly... you're starting to tense up everyone else."

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46 - Rescue

To say it had gotten routine isn't exactly right. I doubt that five days of continuous alert, no sleeping, barely any time to eat or even catch your breath could in anyway become routine. But after two hundred thirty-seven repetitions, we weren't expecting any surprises.

Which of course, was when we got one.

It began out of nowhere. Every thirty-three minutes, Galactica DRADIS would report contact with the Cylons. Before they could get into range, the entire human fleet would spin up its FTL drives and run, narrowly escaping. On the other side of the Jump, we'd do the head counts and restart the clock. Five days. Two hundred thirty-seven Jumps.

The alarms went off thirty-three minutes later, the order was given and the fleet executed Jump 238.

Except on the other side, the head count came up short one. The Olympic Carrier.

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36 - Photograph. Here, choose a favorite picture. It could be a screencap, promo image, candid, anything involving your muse. Muses, explain why this picture is important and why it was chosen.

Dear Dee,

I got this from one of the new Marine recruits that started their service last week. Apparently, he'd snapped it just before the groundbreaking ceremony on New Caprica and just hadn't had the opportunity to give it to us since. I figure that since we don't actually have an official wedding photo, this one does all right.

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No more clocks, no more countdowns.

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40 - How would you want to die and why?

Not the way I did, that's for sure.

I know the facts and figures about what happened to me during the Resurrection Ship battle, but not necessarily the details. Being a little busy going back and forth over whether or not I was ready or willing to buy the farm for good, I didn't give a lot of thought to keeping my thoughts for posterity's sake.

The facts go like this: as part of what we're now calling "The Battle of the Resurrection Ship" (catchy, isn't it?), my assignment was to fly our stealth Viper, the Blackbird, into the heart of the Cylon fleet, avoiding their detection. I carried a nuclear warhead on board, and was able to use it to destroy the Resurrection Ship, thereby decimating the Cylons' advantage.

Unfortunately, the Blackbird collided with a disabled Raptor before I could head back to the Pegasus as I had been ordered. The damage was great enough that I had to eject before the ship exploded. I spent the remainder of the battle floating in space several klicks removed from the heart of the fight, watching it happen in silence and flashes of light. I also spent it with a tear in the leg of my flight suit, my oxygen reserves quickly leaking out in puffs of frozen water vapor.

I eventually lost consciousness, just before I was picked up by a SAR Raptor, where I was revived after having been clinically dead.

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29 - Captive

The technical name for the actual room, the cells and the bars and the hard cot and the giant hatch is "the ship's brig", while the citations regarding whatever infringement of military rule or protocol that was broken to get us into there read "confined to brig for a period of" under the "Disciplinary Action" header. That's followed, of course, by some period of time during which the unfortunate confinee is supposed to reflect upon what they've done and how they might avoid incarceration in the future.

Casually, we just call it being "in hack". Most of the time, it's more of a nuisance than a real punishment, but that's because most of the time, a soldier isn't going to see the inside of the brig for anything more serious than a D&D (that would be a citation for being publicly drunk and disorderly, something more than a few of my pilots know something about). When the crime is more serious, so is the time.

Mine, well... mine was a doozy.

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