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This is an in-character journal used strictly for LiveJournal-based RPG and fic writing in theatrical_muse and other communities. This version of Lee "Apollo" Adama was created by Ronald D. Moore, and exists in the world of 'Battlestar Galactica' (the 2004 Sci-Fi Channel re-imagining). He is owned and copyrighted by R&D TV. No infringement is intended by use of this character, and the mun does not claim to be Apollo or Jamie Bamber. This journal or links found herein may contain adult material (violence, language, sexuality) so readers should be advised. Lee is played by dark_wesley.

Lee will be played as much as possible current to canon*, which means his prompts and/or comments will contain spoilers up to whatever the most recently aired episode is. When possible, I'll keep those spoilers under cuts and note them. Also, while he'll will do his best to be actively interacting with other pups, primarily his fellow BSG ones, I can't guarantee an extensive amount of interaction, schedule permitting. Thank you.

*The exception to this occurs in the community realmof_themuse and in any posts marked/tagged/memoried as "Aphena". This is an AU storyline being written and played with number_eight, and will be noted explicitly.

The Battlestar Galactica Glossary Project, a quick reference I'm compiling of BSG's on-screen terminology.

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