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Jul. 7th, 2009 03:24 pm
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289 - Cheer someone up

OOC Note: Set 2 years following the events of the series finale.

The ridge hadn't looked quite this high two hours ago, Lee thought to himself. Fine, loose pebbles skittered under his feet as he slowly made his way up the sharply inclined ground. It was mostly rough gray rock, this rise in the earth that the former Colonial officer was scaling on his way to his next destination, gray rock dotted with clumps here and there of pale green scrub and grass, stubbornly clinging to an assumedly inhospitable location.

Laughing quietly to himself, Lee couldn't help but compare the human race to those determined hangers-on. Two years ago, they had arrived on a planet so many light years from anywhere they knew, not even the most distant of stars in the new sky above them was familiar. Driven to this world by desperation and destiny, all that was left of an entire people, a mere thirty thousand or so, weary of war and running and the loneliness of space had decided that their journey out there ended down here.

And so, humanity was digging in where it could, little knots of survivors finding places where they could farm or hunt or fish, where they could construct shelters and places that might one day be called homes. The diaspora was still under way, with former citizens of the Twelve Colonies now becoming colonies all their own, spreading out from their initial landing point, out into the furthest reaches of this planet.

This planet, the one that had restored the faith of a people, that had at last delivered on the promises made years and millennia before, that had become the home they had sought for and fought for. This planet they had chosen to call Earth.

Lee pulled himself up a few meters further until he found a space wide and level enough to let him rest. Pushing back the sun-lightened hair that had grown long and nearly wild out of his face, Lee reached into the small pack on his hip and fished out a water bottle, drinking deep of the clean but tepid liquid before screwing down the cap again.

He turned, looking back on where he had been. Lee had reached the more temperate zone of the planet a few months ago, and now this part of the world was preparing to turn to winter. In the direction he'd come from, the land stretched out in irregular bumps and rolling hills, dark ash-colored rocks and more of the stone-clinging flora. The trip to this point had been difficult, and his feet still ached from crossing the more mountainous terrain, but it had been worth it.

It had all been worth it.

A sound made Lee turn, wary. It was a quiet chittering with a high pitch, nothing that was immediately setting off Lee's somewhat dormant military instincts, but after meeting some of the more aggressive feline inhabitants of some of these mountain areas, he was not going to take chances. Lee reached down and grasped the handle of his knife.

Lee's gaze swept sideways and caught the culprit-- a small local marsupial or rodent, tail wedged in a vee formed by a fallen rock and the ground. Laughing, louder now, Lee used his knife to pry the fallen rock up. Frightened but desperate, the marsupial looked up at Lee with a confused, considering expression.

"Go on," said Lee. "Go find your food, or your nest or wherever it is you were going when you got caught." Standing, Lee brushed off his worn, once-upon-a-time green trousers and looked in the direction he was headed.

The animal made a noise, still unsure about the now giant being before it. "Cheer up," Lee advised it, "I'm sure there's plenty of whatever you're looking for."

Stretching out in front of him was the whole rest of the world and Lee was bound and determined to see it all.

"Plenty for all of us," Lee said to himself, then dug in his boots and resumed the climb.


OOC Note: And so ends Lee's journey in TM. Like the show, I think he had a good run, long enough to do him justice (I hope) and not longer than that. He moves on to other places, but thanks everyone in TM who's made him welcome.
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