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May. 5th, 2009 02:56 pm
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280 - What are you thinking?

I'm thinking that I'm never going to touch alcohol again for as long as I live, I absolutely swear to the Gods.

That was spectacularly stupid, what happened last night. I'm not a high school senior, sneaking beers at a party after the end of finals, and I'm not a college freshman, reveling in all the freedom that finally being liberated from my parents' house provides by ingesting huge amounts of drinks. Hell, I'm not even a rook pilot getting my wings or even making my thousandth trap.

I'm a frakking officer in the Colonial Fleet, reserve or not, and way too old and supposedly too wise to get that plastered.

But I was celebrating, right? My little brother invited me over to celebrate with him and his girlfriend. It was a party. I couldn't not have a little.

Zak. Sweet, naïve and very, very young Zak. My little brother who doesn't belong in a uniform, let alone in the cockpit of a Viper, the way he wants and the way that-- of course-- our father wants him to be. Gods, he was happy last night, beaming about his life and about his girl.

His girl, Kara Thrace. His girl who also happens to be his flight instructor. I know how I feel about that, but they don't, because I kept my mouth shut. I kept it shut because Zak was so damned happy. And really, so was she.

Having a drink was polite, but I really should have stopped when I knew I was getting drunk. I definitely should have stopped when Zak passed out, but that Kara, she's something else. Wild. Crazy. Fun. Maybe a little dangerous.

Maybe a lot dangerous, considering what almost happened.

Almost happened, thank Gods.

And don't hold me to it, but I have this weird memory of a bird getting caught in my apartment and my having had to chase it out the door. If that happened, it might be one of the weirdest things to ever happen to me. If it didn't really happen, that's just one more reason to give up the booze.

As soon as my head stops spinning, maybe I'll call Zak and see if he's risen from the dead yet.


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