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Apr. 13th, 2009 11:40 am
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2009.15.A.3 - Scenario: You have to mount a strategic rescue operation.

OOC Note: Normally, the Lee I write in this community is an AU, but with this topic, I couldn't resist the opportunity to write a response from canon. So, this response takes only show canon into account.

It was insane. No military commander in their right mind should have even conceived of the idea, let alone considered it. The Admiral, though, wasn't in his right mind. None of us were, which explains why we followed my father into insanity. For some of us, it was for the sake of a child.

For all of us, it was for the sakes of our souls.

The numbers were impossible to ignore. Our mission, as we'd volunteered for, was to rescue a single little girl, Hera Agathon, from the Cylon faction that was holding her captive. It was a faction that had shown on more than one occasion that it held no love and no mercy for humanity, and now that they had been stripped of their ability to resurrect, were going to use Hera-- a human/Cylon hybrid-- as a test subject to determine how she managed to be conceived.

To make matters worse, that faction had kidnapped Hera to a location known as the Colony. For all intents and purposes, it was the Cylon homeworld and base of operations, possibly the most heavily fortified installation in the galaxy. It was also one of the most inaccessible, sitting on the edge of a black hole, hidden within the debris of the accretion disk.

I understood what our objective meant, for humanity and for the sympathetic Cylons who had become our allies. And I could see the anguish on the faces of Hera's parents. But when I pulled that uniform back on, it wasn't for her, and it wasn't for them. It was because then, right then, was possibly the very last opportunity for humanity to prove what it was all about, to somehow justify its existence to the universe.

There was no way I could stay behind.

Our plan was as much madness as the mission itself. Galactica would Jump into the only clear spot available, a few hundred meters away from the Colony and its defenses. She would take the beating from their emplacements while a Raptor team launched and slipped under the cover fire to gain entry inside the station.

They wouldn't be the only ones setting foot inside the Colony. We would use the battlestar herself as a battering ram, shoving her nose right into the station's gaping maw. Ground troops-- made up of both Colonial military and, imagine this, Cylon Centurions-- would use this as their insertion point, adding a second team to search for Hera Agathon.

That was me, leading that second group. I heard the groan and roar as Galactica used most of her dwindling strength to punch a hole in the Colony and let us inside.

And with no way to know where we were going, no idea if Hera was still alive or not, we marched our way through those alien corridors, looking for her anyway. A few dozen soldiers, a hundred or so Centurions, all against the Cylons on their home field, all for one little girl.

It was madness.

It was insanity.

It worked.

We saved her. And in the end, I think we saved ourselves, too.

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