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Feb. 12th, 2009 08:23 am
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268 - The End

((Some years in the future after Season 4))


Former Colonial President Leland Joseph Adama died early this morning following a generator explosion that destroyed a large portion of the Colonial Government's administrative offices building, resulting in half a dozen deaths.

While an exact cause is as yet unknown, preliminary official reports from Colonial security indicate that no foul play is suspected in the explosion of a tylium-fueled backup generator located in the basement of the administrative building. The generator was being brought on-line as part of a routine annual test for readiness in case of power loss. The explosion and resultant fire and structural damage threatened the lives of more than three hundred government workers, including Adama, who was visiting the offices as part of his recent legal reform projects.

According to survivors and other eye-witnesses, following the initial explosion, the panic and chaos of evacuation was quickly calmed by Adama, who insisted on personally leading as many groups of workers from their offices to the safety of waiting security and fire-fighting forces outside the building. It was during the rescue of one of these groups that Adama and five other as-yet unnamed individuals were trapped behind burning debris, where it is surmised that they perished of asphyxiation by carbon monoxide.

Adama is probably best remembered as a former highly-decorated Colonial Fleet officer, having served on both the battlestars Galactica and Pegasus, the latter of which he commanded, and as having resigned his commission during the trial of another former President, Dr. Gaius Baltar, for treason. Adama served as Caprican delegate to the Quorum of Twelve, a term as Vice-President under President Laura Roslin, and two terms as President of the Colonies.

Adama's wife, Fleet Lieutenant Anastasia Dualla, perished shortly after the fleet arrived at Earth. They had no children, and Adama never remarried.

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