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Feb. 11th, 2009 09:29 am
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2009.5.B.2 - "Remember this: once the human race is established on more than one planet and especially, in more than one solar system, there is no way now imaginable to kill off the human race." Robert Heinlein

Well, the human race is certainly putting that idea to the test, isn't it?

I suppose the author has a point, not that I think he ever envisioned it truly being put to the test the way it had on the Twelve Colonies. If all of humanity had still been located on a single world, the way it had been while on Kobol, then we would all have been vaporized in the initial Cylon attack.

As it was, the billions of Colonial citizens that comprised the whole of the human race-- at least as far as any of us knew-- were decimated down to a little more than fifty thousand survivors in the space of less than a day.

Still, fifty thousand isn't zero. The Cylons had taken their best shot, but between our determination and our desperation, a tiny percentage of the species was able to make its escape. Further Cylon attacks and unavoidable attrition have brought that number down to under forty thousand, and it looks as though things won't be getting any better.

We had all hoped that Earth would be our last stop, and that the running would finally be over. There were dreams that we would be welcomed by our distant cousins and be embraced back into a living, breathing human society. Hell, we would have been happy with just a living, breathing planet to settle on and begin the work of re-establishing the human race.

It wasn't to be. Earth was devastated-- lifeless and inhospitable, to say the least.

Now, the remnants of humanity have to limp on and find a new home, but I guess as long as we're limping and not laying down, we're still proving the author right.



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